Sustainably grown in all organic Alaska soil. Cut fresh daily and shipped directly to you. Big sun Giant blooms Great prices! Guaranteed quality!!
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Currently looking to start cutting the first week of July. Check back for updates.Alaska's combination of freezing winters and long warm sunny summer days combine to grow the giant peony blooms Alaska is quickly becoming famous for.

 At we grow eighteen varieties of peonies in the all natural organic soils of the Kenai Peninsula.  We meet or exceed all standards. Each bud shall be not less than 1 inch in diameter and, open  to a beautiful bloom of 3.5 inches or better. Unless otherwise specified, the overall length of bud and stem shall be not less than 24 inches, but in no case shall the overall length be less than 20 inches. 

When you need Alaska Peonies, Farm Direct grows all natural sustainable peonies in many varieties to meet your needs at the best prices around.